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Parc de la Villette, Office for Metropolitan Architecture 1982 / Paris, France
In this reality the Tschumi park is still the same gridded foundation of red pavilions. Just after midnight the OMA park is installed atop it. Massive strips of sod and shrubbery and trees are airlifted and lowered into place like giant floor boards. Cranes on the park’s Eastern edge deliver follies and paths that complete the scheme. The stairs in each red pavilion provide night joggers and rebellious teenagers a way up to the moonlit park. At sunrise everything is returned to the way it had been, and once again the stairs in the pavilions lead nowhere. (3rd Oct. 2011, Paris) OMA’s proposal for Parc de la Villette makes horizontal the programmatic bands of the New York Athletic Club in Delirious New York, the influence of which carries perhaps more weight than Tschumi’s winning proposal. Its relationship to site is further complicated by the construction of Tschumi’s project.
OMA, screen printed axonometric view, plans and sections of La Villette competion entry
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