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Tokyo Bay Project, Kenzo Tange 1960 / Tokyo, Japan
Take the Yurikamome line from Shimbashi to Odaiba. As you cross the Rainbow Bridge Tokyo Bay will appear in front of you but you will not see Tange’s city. In Odaiba go to the Fuji Television Station. Ride the elevator up to the sphere suspended at its center. Exit the elevator at the observation deck within the sphere and walk to the window. All around you there are floating islands, buildings and parks connected by ribbons of highway, there you will see Tange’s Tokyo. (15th April 2012, Tokyo) Kenzo Tange’s proposal for the linear expansion of Tokyo formed along an expandable axis spanning 20 kilometers across Tokyo Bay. The massive infrastructural system is a significant proposal in the history of adaptable urban architectures known as Megastructures. Today the infilled area of Odaiba in Tokyo most closely resembles Tange’s plan.
Kenzo Tange, presentation drawings and images for Tokyo Bay Proposal
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