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Salines de Chaux, Ledoux 1775 / Arc et Senans, France
When you leave Paris the streets are dark and cold. By noon a train will leave you at a station, nearly in Switzerland, from which a coach and short walk deliver you to the doors of the Salines de Chaux. It will be closed for lunch. Following the curved outer wall you arrive at a field that loosely forms the mirrored reply to the walled half-moon city. With wall and buildings at your back you draw the rings and spokes of the encircling city onto the landscape. Soon voices rise and gravel crunches on the other side of the wall. You walk back to see if lunch is over.(12th Oct. 2011, Chaux) Complete in part, the full scheme for Ledoux’s Royal Salt Works is an ideal pre-industrial city, with a garden city-like plan organized into ringed zones. Its relationship to site is one intended to organize the disorder of the natural, embodied by the wilderness beyond the project.
Claude Nicolas Ledoux, aerial of Salines de Chaux
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