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New Babylon Amsterdam, Constant Nieuwenhuys 1963 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The city does not rotate on stilts in the sky but the ever-changing city of New Babylon is alive and well in Amsterdam. The city will not move, but each time you move through its ringed canals you will swear the bridge you had walked the day before has been shifted, its crossings crossed. On the third day you will stop trying to get anyplace in particular and you will bike in routes half-familiar until you are tired enough and need to find the place where you had slept. (20th Sept. 2011, Amsterdam) In this iteration of New Babylon Constant’s totalizing urbanity is mapped over Amsterdam. The relationship between canal and hovering object is made particularly poignant in this water city, highlighting the suspended web of interconnected buildings formed by the proposal.
Constant Nieuwenhuys, rendering of New Babylon
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