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San Cataldo Cemetery, Aldo Rossi 1972 /Modena, Italy
At the cemetery in Modena absence keeps you company. In the corridors and stairwells candles are lit and time-ravaged flowers are swept into piles. Faint music plays. The complex's residents have inexplicably left. Hours or minutes pass while, frozen, you watch two men stoop toward the empty side of the walled complex and disappear. When you allow yourself to breathe you walk quickly to the main gate and don’t look back. (24th Oct. 2011, Modena) Just slightly more than half-built, the San Cataldo Cemetery rehearses the ubiquitous formal typologies characteristic of Aldo Rossi’s work, this time in a city for the dead. The cemetery’s realized state, however, stands apart from Rossi’s numerous drawings and studies of the project, an incomplete and one-off instantiation of its idealized form.
Aldo Rossi, rendered plan of San Cataldo Cemetery
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