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Danteum, Giuseppe Terragni 1942 / Rome, Italy
In the year 2552 post-apocalyptic excavations begin to take place in cities rumored to once have held cultural significance. Digging in one such site reveals the intact body of the Danteum, 20 meters below its proposed ground level. The mystery of its mirrored columns and repeating geometries draws a cultish following. Digging proliferates, spurred by the pristine architectural relic. The surrounding areas are eventually reduced to rubble when no similar structures can be found. (8th Nov. 2011, Rome) Prepared for a 1942 exhibition in Rome, Terragni’s monument to the author of the Divine Comedy was commissioned by Mussolini to be built on the Via dell’Impero. The spaces of the Danteum unfold in a narrative sequence mirroring the epic poem.
Giuseppe Terragni, renderings of Danteum interior
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