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Cemetery for the Ashes of Thought, John Hejduk, 1975 / Venice. Italy
The S.S. Molino Stucky tows behind it 9 long, narrow, floating vessels. Within these vessels in individual compartments are the ashes of every great literary work, each labeled with a brass plaque affixed to its door. Trailing behind the central vessel is Wall House 3, floating on a barge at a distance of 10 meters. This silent parade moves slowly down the Grand Canal on days when tourists have left the city. (28th Oct. 2011, Venice) Hejduk’s Cemetery to the Ashes of Thought is a project with three components. The first is the emptied shell of the Molino Stucky building on the Giudecca, the second a series of narrow parallel, niched walls looking out to a small floating version of his Wall House. Its relationship to site relies on both the interplay between land, edge and water, as well as the poetics of Venice as a historical and literary site.
John Hejduk, “Cemetery of the Ashes of Thought” sketch
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