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Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri 1969 / Arcosanti, Arizona, USA
When you arrive at Arcosanti you will already be late. The floating city and its 3000 occupants has long since departed, ripped free of its launch pad, and left behind an empty core and a few forgotten items. The people you will find when you get there also arrived late, but they stay on the spot confident that the city will come back to collect them. (6th Feb 2012, Arcosanti) Arcosanti, like the Saline de Chaux, is unique in that it is partially built. Its status as an ongoing workshop and construction space makes literal the distinction of real from imaginary. The relationship between the original proposal and site is thus one which both allows and limits an understanding of Soleri’s utopian (or subsequently dystopian) vision.
Paolo Soleri, recruitment poster for Arcosanti
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